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2) Booting Pi


Get OS(Operating System) image in SD card.


  1. Internet Connection

  2. Micro SD Card

  3. SD card adaptor/Card Reader

  4. Computer/Laptop

Two ways of doing this Step:

  1. NOOBS(Contains links of all OS and gets downloaded at boot time)

  2. Downloading a particular OS image.(We are going to use this method with Raspbian Jessie with Pixel)

Download Raspbian Jessie with Pixel from here in your computer or laptop.
"With Pixel" version has beautified fonts and icons.

Download and install Etcher Software in laptop or computer.

Now, insert the micro SD card inside adaptor or card reader and connect it to laptop or computer.

Then after formatting SD card, burn the downloaded Raspbian image (Unzip the downloaded zip file) into SD card using Etcher Software.


Setting up Raspberry pi for boot.

Follow steps in order:-
(No need of laptop or computer now.)

  1. Insert Micro SD card into Raspberry Pi(3 model B).

  2. Connect keyboard and mouse via USB ports.

  3. Use HDMI cable to connect pi with monitor or LCD/LED TV. In case your monitor or TV does not support HDMI then use HDMI to VGA converter to connect on monitor's or TV's VGA port.

  4. At last connect the power supply via power adapter.(Connect it with Caution, use official power adaptor which has rating of 5V and 2 amperes).

System will automatically boot and Rasbpian will get started.